An Establishment Class:

Cocktails and Coverage

Is your cocktail shaker hidden under an inch of dust? Do you know how to protect what matters most to you? Are you still pouring and stirring mixed drinks? It’s time to step up your knowledge and drinking game like (ahem) an adult.

Sometimes stuff just happens – it’s a fact of life. When it does, understand how having the right coverage in place can make the bad situations in life a little more bearable.

Whether you’re seeking to understand how to financially protect you or your family (or, how to mix up the perfect round of cocktails for any occasion), or you don’t understand ways to address different financial needs during various stages of life (or, you don’t know the difference between a mojito and mint julep), spend the evening with us and we will teach you the basics. Plus, our mixologist, will be mixing, shaking and pouring an assortment of cocktails for you to try.

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